Recovering delinquent accounts is our core business. Is it yours?

F+A is focused on increasing our clients’ profits by reducing the occurrence of A/R defaults, speeding delinquency recovery and maximizing gross recoveries. We are a creditors’ rights law firm with an emphasis on collecting commercial and retail accounts.  By integrating collection services directly with legal representation, we can provide our clients with comprehensive service, improved recoveries, and competitive rates.


Focus + Collaboration + Dedication = Results That Pay

Exceptional legal service is the product of focus + collaboration + dedication. 


  1. +Focus

  2. F+A is focused on contract law – from documenting contractual relationships to enforcing contractual obligations.  Specifically, we are dedicated to assisting businesses that extend credit to their customers, patients, tenants, purchasers, clients, etc.  We are well known for our ability to handle any type of collection matter.  Our services may be as simple as collecting an NSF check or evicting a defaulted tenant.  We are equally adept at more complex matters such as collateral recovery or foreclosing lien interests.

  1. +Collaboration

  2. We believe that skilled legal analysis alone does not guarantee prompt and efficient legal representation.  Achieving cost-effective results also requires effective communication with our clients.  Our lawyers are committed to:  fostering personalized lawyer-client relationships, establishing an open line of communication between our client and our staff, and educating our clients on legal issues that are particularly relevant to each of them.  Creating a shared vocabulary and ease of communication allows us to quickly identify our client’s legal challenge and fashion an appropriate solution.


  1. +Dedication

  2. F+A is dedicated to helping our clients reduce business process costs and increase revenue by ensuring that they are armed with robust documentation, that their credit is properly secured, and that their in-house recovery efforts are compliant with federal and state regulations.  In the event that a delinquent account must be referred to us for collection, we are dedicated to facilitating a seamless transition of the account, followed by swift collections and comprehensive judgment enforcement.

In sum, our lawyers have the breadth of experience and depth of understanding to provide prompt, thoughtful and innovative solutions to our clients’ varied contract issues regardless of size or complexity.

F+A = Results That Pay